Our Values and Vision

Mernda Neighbourhood House is guided by community development principles and practices, which are founded on the values of:

Social Justice, Equality and Inclusion

For us, this means fair treatment of all people in a society, including equal rights and opportunities to live a good life.

Community’s Vision

The Community’s Vision for Mernda Neighbourhood House was conceived by local community members early in 2019. This guides us in how and what we do at Mernda Neighbourhood House.

The Community’s Vision for the Mernda Neighbourhood House

Feel welcome
A welcoming, inclusive and accessible space for everyone in Mernda.
Belonging through connection
Create opportunities for social connection, fostering a sense of belonging.
Sharing cultures
A place where communities and cultures come together to support each other.
Healthy communities
A responsive and supportive space that promotes well-being and healthy lifestyles.
Lidelong learning
Have opportunities to learn and gain skills for employment and lifelong learning.
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