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Mernda Neighbourhood House welcomes the community to be part of the Repair Café Program - a service for the community of Whittlesea. We hope to share the joys of Repairing and Upcycling your treasured items by keeping them in circulation for longer.   These events will be held monthly and will be family-friendly, inclusive and cross-cultural community events.

What is a Repair Café?

It is a place you can bring your broken stuff to receive a new lease on life. At the repair cafe, skilled volunteers perform simple repairs on all kinds of personal items that would otherwise be thrown out. Whilst at the repair cafe you sit with the repairer while they talk you through what they're doing. It's a collaborative process so you can see how fun and easy it is to fix your own stuff at home.

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What types of things are able to be repaired or fixed?

These are personal items from jewellery, to your bike, a coffee machine, a fan, a scooter, a knife to be sharpened, to a hole in clothing or jumpers. Each month different repairs will be on offer dependent on the Repairers for that event.

* Note: Repairers will do their best to fix or repair items, but not this is not guaranteed.

Who is part of the Repair café?

We have a wonderful team of volunteer workers and Repairers with skills in repairs for bikes, clothes, electrical, mechanical and even furniture. Different repairers will be offered every month, so to be sure go to our booking link to check what repairs are available.

What to expect at the event?

  • Repairer bookings vary from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the Repairer.
  • The Repairer will assess if an item is repairable within the time allocated.

Volunteer Repairers

Do you like repairing, mending or upcycling things?We are recruiting Repairers to join our Team. We welcome all repairers will all skills types. We will support you with a safe and welcoming space to work from. If you are interested in being a Repairer yourself please contact Admin via Email or call 0475454133

Volunteer Events Helpers

  • Do you like helping to setup community events?
  • We are looking for volunteers event helpers to join our Repair Cafe team. Event helpers are a key to the team and to the success of the event. Your role is to help setup and pack down of events, make coffees and teas , to welcome our community guests and help with the flow of the day.
  • Click the button to sign up as a volunteer
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